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We offer only two web hosting plans, but unlike other providers, our plans are both affordable and scalable to meet your current and future needs. Both of our plans include the following features:

Feature Benefit
Servers with Intel EM64T 2.8 GHz processors, 1 GB of RAM, 7,200 RPM disks, and hardware mirrored filesystems Noticeably faster dynamic web pages
Redundant Internet Connections via multiple ISP's, UPS and diesel generator backed-up power Fast, Reliable Internet Connection
Nightly Backups** Added protection for your valuable data
UNIX Shell Access via SSH2 Access to local programs and processing
Content Updates via FTP, rsync, scp, or WebDAV Upload your content using the tool that works best for you
Server-Side Scripting via Perl/CGI, PHP, C/C++ Use powerful content management tools to create dynamic web sites
Access to MySQL and PostgreSQL databases Design and build your own web applications with a back-end database
E-mail and Web based Technical Support Get help with setup and answers to your questions
Access to crontab and at/batch jobs Schedule one-time or periodic jobs for automated site/database maintenance
Access to raw server logs and logfile reports View your site statistics and debug your CGI applications
Customizable 404 Error Message Creating your own user-friendly "missing file" message helps make your site look professional even when people try to access pages that are no longer available (e.g. old bookmarks).
E-Mail vacation messages, forwarding, filtering, and auto responders Powerful tools to help you manage your e-mail and stay in touch with your visitors or customers
30-Day money back guarantee Reduced risk

Our Personal web hosting plan is intended for individuals and web designers who are looking for an affordable way to show the world what they've got. Our Business hosting plan is intended to provide a web presence for small to medium sized businesses and organizations. It can also be used by individuals who want to host their own first level domain.

The following table lists additional features and illustrates how our two web hosting plans differ:

Web Hosting Plans

Personal Business
Setup One-Time Fee $15 $35
Price Quarterly $19.95 $35.95
Annually $75.00 $125.00
Disk Space Monthly Average 100 MB 250 MB
Additional* $1/10 MB $1/25 MB
Bandwidth Monthly Maximum 1 GB 2 GB
Additional* $1/250 MB $1/250 MB
E-Mail POP3 Mailboxes 5 10
Additional* $1/5 $1/10
GnuPG (like PGP) Free Free
IP Addresses Shared Yes Recommended
Dedicated* No $1
Domains Subdomain
Yes Optional
First Level Registration
No $35/year
First Level Transfer
No Free
(on same IP Address)
$1 $3
(on dedicated IP Address)
No $10
SSL Capable No dedicated IP required

* Prices for additional services are on a per-month basis.

Here's how we bill for our services:

  • After we process your application for a new account, we will send you an e-mail invoice.
  • Although your account will be active immediately, your first payment is due within two weeks.
  • Once received, your payment is deposited into a virtual escrow account.
  • For each month of service, we subtract the monthly cost of web hosting and any additional services that you used from your escrow balance.
  • On the month that your escrow balance falls below the amount that we subtract, we'll send you an e-mail invoice.
  • If necessary, the invoice amount will be adjusted (up or down) so that based on your current usage the next invoice date will fall on your 3-month or 12-month anniversary.
  • We must receive payment within 30 days of the invoice date. If we don't hear from you in that time, we reserve the right to disable or terminate your service.

** Each customer is responsible for maintaining a current backup all data that they store on Website Express's servers. We perform nightly backups as a service for our customers; however, our customers acknowledge that they are responsible for their data. Website Express can not be held liable for any data loss or unavailability.